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We are dealers for Scubapro, Aqualung, Oceanic, Apeks, Seaquest, Suunto, Tusa, DeepSee,  Aeris and more.

If you want to view the entire dive equipment catalogs for these companies click on one of the logos below. If you see something you like we will always be happy to order it for you.

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What's the difference between ordering online versus coming into the store?

In some cases there is no difference at all and in other cases there is a significant difference in price. When you order online from the manufacturer you will always pay full retail price. They do not have sales and don't offer in-store discounts (such as package pricing) that you can find at your local dive shops. I suggest you check out their webpages to see what they have available and then come to your local shop to see what specials are being offered.

Do you offer complete scuba dive packages?

Absolutely, and when you purchase a complete package is when you will get the best pricing available. You can see a sample of the packages we offer at Scuba Packages

Who can I place an online order with?

Aqualung, Seaquest, Suunto, Apeks, and Oceanic have built-in ecommerce sites that allow you to purchase scuba gear from their website. At checkout, you will be asked to choose a dive shop in your area. Select Divers Cove. You can choose to have your purchase delivered to your home or Divers Cove. If it is delivered to us it will be freight free. We will contact you when it comes in.

What about the others?

Scubapro, Deep See, Aeris, Tusa and Ikelite have their product catalogs online. You can view their products but they do not have ecommerce sites. If you are interested in any scuba diving gear in their catalogs contact the store. If we do not have it in stock, we will be happy to order it for you.

Why do I always end up at the Aqualung website if I choose Seaquest, Suunto or Apeks?

Aqualung is either the owner or distributor for these brands. They are all sold under the Aqualung website.

Does my online purchase have a warranty?

As long as you purchase from an authorized dealer you have a full warranty. By checking with the manufacturer's website for a list of authorized dealers, you will be sure your purchase has a full warranty.

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