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EQUIPMENT SERVICE Service Your Gear At Divers Cove

Equipment Service
Keep your equipment clean, safe, and ready to dive!

Feel like your dive gear isn't quite as shiny as it used to be and wondering what you should do about it? Divers Cove is your one stop shop for all things diving and an important part of what we do is help you keep your gear in workable, divable condition. At Divers Cove, we stand by our commitment that only professional, certified service technicians will work on your gear. This means following all manufacturer's procedures and only using authorized parts to maintain safety standards. 

At Divers Cove, we offer everything from gear repairs, annual gear servicing, and tank visual and hydro inspections.

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Types of Service

BCD Service

  • Inspection $10.00
  • Annual sercice fee $25.00 (plus parts)


Regulator Service

  • Inspection $15.00
  • Annual service fee $75.00 (plus parts)


Computer Service

  • Standard Battery change $15.00 plus battery (Factory replacement $100-$150 plus shipping)
  • Transmitter Battery change $15.00 plus battery (Factory replacement $100-$150)


Tank Service

  • Tank Hydro $45.00
  • Tank Visual $25.00
  • O2 Cleaning $45.00
  • O2 Cleaning w/Visual $55.00
  • O2 Cleaning w/Hydro $75.00


Hoses and Mouthpieces

Hoses and mouthpieces are checked during every overhaul. These items are not covered under warranty and sometimes need to be replaced during annual service. If hoses and mouthpieces fail and need to be replaced during your annual service, this will be require an additional charge. Hoses range from $30.00-60.00 per hose. Mouthpieces range from $7.00-$30.00. 

Other Service Notes

At Divers Cove, we try to get your service completed as quickly as possible and our return times vary. To get an idea of service time, give us a call or stop by the shop to fill out our Divers Cove Service Form.