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LOCAL DIVE TRIPS Join Us On One Of Our Local Dive Trips

Local Dive Trips 

Divers Cove is your local dive shop and we specialize in keeping our priorities in order by diving as much as we can. We have plenty of upcoming dive trips and we would love to have you to join us!

As with all diving, we strongly recommend you seriously consider becoming a DAN member and purchasing dive insurance before joining us on any of these dive charters. 

Upcoming Dives 



Okinawa Wreck
Scubatyme, Pompano Beach, FL
  • March 23rd at 7:30am
  • Cert level: Open water. 
  • Price: $65 (Tanks not included)
  • Depth: 50-70ft


Lobster Dive (Last day of Lobster Season)
American Dream, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • March 31st at 1pm
  • Cert level: Advanced open water. Nitrox recommended!
  • Price: $65 (Tanks not included)
  • Depth: 60-80ft



Head over to our events page to check out our upcoming shop sponsored events!